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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Diah Has Shared: International Summer School on Disability and Development

The 2nd Disability and Development (D&D) course focuses on specific issues related to disability and rehabilitation in the context of development. The course will provide the student with skills in the field of project planning and management using a logical framework method. It offers the student opportunities to go through and practice the entire process of project management through experiential learning. Another major subject will be monitoring and evaluation methods, currently used in the field of CBR programmes. The importance and use of Management Information Systems (MIS) will be discussed in some detail, since this is a cornerstone of good monitoring and evaluation. Students will practice setting up a simple MIS themselves.

The Summer School on Disability and Development (D&D) is both a standalone course and the 2nd module in a series on Disability and Development. The Summer School is a collaborative undertaking between Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia, the Centre for Disability Studies FISIP-UI and the VU University Amsterdam.

Dates: 4th-29th July 2011 (3 weeks classes and 1 week group assignments) 

Venue: Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia (UI), Depok, West Java


Community Based Rehabilitation:
Dr. Maya Thomas, MA PhD

Management Information System and Indicators:
Wim H. van Brakel, MD MSc PhD and Pandu Riono, Ph.D

Monitoring and Evaluation:
Dr. Johan Velema, MSc PhD and Iwan Ariawan, MSPH

Social Protection of PWDs in Indonesia:
Prof. Irwanto, Ph.D

Education on Children with Disability:
Prof. Frieda Mangunsong

Networking, Lobbying, and Advocacy:
Prof. Hadi Pratomo

Disabled People's Organization:
Dra. Mimi Mariani Lusli, M.Si, MA

Participatory Method in M&E:
Laurike Moeliono MA,MSi


·        To develop skills needed for policy, advocacy, planning (project) management, monitoring and evaluation related to disability, rehabilitation and development
·        To understand the importance of Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) as an appropriate model of rehabilitation for low-income countries and participatory project development
·        To develop an understanding of the position of specific groups of disabled people in society, the importance of forming partnerships with Disabled Peoples Organizations and appreciation for inclusive development approaches.

Form of Tuition

Lectures with practical exercises, tutorial groups, self study, experience events and group assignments.
The summer school is equal to 6 credits.


An electronic reader will be available; articles will be available on the internet or made
available electronically as pdf or Word documents

Mode of Assessment

Assessment is based on individual assignments, tutorial group work and an individual written examination.

Target Audience

International Students or students from Universitas Indonesia or other universities, in particular disabled persons. Government institution or professionals from disability, rehabilitation and development organizations or others concern with disability issues.


Fluency in spoken and written in English is required, since course will be taught in

Tuition fees (excluding board & lodging)

·        International students: €1,800
·        Indonesian students: Rp 3,000,000,-

Board & Lodging (estimated for living in 22 days in Jakarta)

·        Meals (3 times a day) : €6 or Rp. 60.000,- per day on campus
·        Accommodation:
      Off campus: €150 per month
      On campus: €10-30 perday (Makara Hotel or Pusat Studi Jepang)

Registration & Information

Faculty of Public Health
Universitas Indonesia

DR. Rita Damayanti

Meliana Sari, SKM

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